Meet The Team

Mark Hayhurst

Managing Director

Mark is the creator of Togo, he has a background both in the hospitality industry (he was brought up in Restaurants and his parents are chefs) and from within the New Media divisions of Yell and B.T. Mark started his first business in 2009 by providing design and marketing services to restaurants and this has now evolved into Togo. Marks main responsibilities are heading up the development of the product, managing the support staff and web team and creating custom solutions for key accounts.

Justin Murphy

Sales & Marketing Director

After building and selling his share in a successful previous business Justin invested in Togo to fully realise the product and get it to market. Justin was responsible for ensuring the user interface for Togo was as stunning as what is under the hood and has a keen eye on making Marks technical solutions as easy to use as possible. Justin’s background is in Sales and Sales Management - and his mission is to get Togo out there in front of as many people who will find Togo an asset to their business.



If Dexter isn't building new websites, he's usually out on photoshoots taking beautiful pictures of tasty food... and then eating it afterwards. Then, back at Togo HQ he'll process the shots so they look amazing.


Accounts Manager

When it comes to Togo, Hannah knows it like the back of her hand; she also has the patience of a saint. She's well versed in web updates; so any query that bridges websites and Togo is one Hannah can confidently handle.



Natasha has been with us from the very beginning and has a keen eye for all things design. She builds new websites, designs menus and promotional marketing material, takes photos and types ridiculously fast.

Office Team

Office Number: 01422 246808


Office Manager

Sally joins us from a hotel office management background. She's on hand to help with the day to day running of the Togo office. She manages social media accounts, updates websites and looks after diaries too.


Social Media & Marketing

Claire eats e-shots for breakfast - and her social media skills know no bounds. Everyday she schedules 100s of posts and e-shots for our clients to target key events, so that their customers are kept fully informed.



Mel is in charge of invoicing and accounts - it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it!


The Intern

Kenny is learning the ropes and shadowing everybody else in the office. He picks up things quickly and is shaping up to be a key member of the team. He also makes a really good cup of tea, should you pop in and see us.


The Office Dog

When Dexter is in the office processing photos he brings his dog, Donald. Part Cavalier King Charles and part Poodle, his curley locks and floppy ears helps to balance out the office cuteness. He has favourites - basically, whoever is eating their lunch.

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