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Reservation Booking System

Meet Togo, it's our super quick feature rich Reservation Booking System for hotels, restaurants and salons. It can take bookings for tables, rooms and events that you hold at your venue. Our market share in west yorkshire is huge. Mark Hayhurst and Justin Murphy are responsible for Togo, the Reservation Booking System allowing you to organise an entire day's bookings with just one click - and so much more. To find out more about Togo the Reservation Booking System you can click here and see all the features for yourself.

The Only Way To Go is a booking system for bars, eateries and pubs in the united kingdom.  One of the great features about the Reservation Booking System is that you can easily manage waiting lists. This is what Reds True BBQ mainly use Togo for; you can organise an entire days list with just one click. It allows you to organise your diary and get on top of your waiting lists, by easily informing waiting customers that their table is ready. This allows you to turn maximum covers and earn more more creating more opportunities. 

Another key difference of Togo is that you can take bookings live online without commision. While rivals may charge you per cover, Togo does not. For a venue that takes a lot of online bookings, cover charges can be the difference of turning a profit and turning a really good profit - so eliminate your cover charges with The Only Way Togo booking system and marketing suite.

In summary, this booking system will change the way you work and work alongside you in the quest for more bookings and more covers. It works for restaurants, hotels, spas, cafes, salons and much much more. Much love, Togo.